Don’t look back in anger….




…. It’s likely to give you a stiff neck.


Rachael: Do you like our owl? 

Deckard: It’s artificial? 

Rachael: Of course it is. 

Deckard: Must be expensive. 

Rachael: Very.

– Blade Runner (1982)


Of course I didn’t really twist my head around 180degrees, that would be crazy.

But ironically, because of the level of Photoshop work required to create this image, I was staring at my computer for too long and I gave myself a stiff neck.

Now that wasn’t very wise was it.

If I was a replicant I might be able to turn my head all the way around.

Without getting a stiff neck.

But I probably wouldn’t feel the need to.

Because wisdom isn’t doing the things you think you can, it’s about doing the things you think you can’t and then finding out that you can.

Or finding out that you can’t.

Either way you are now wiser than you were.

It’s a hoot eh?