Not quite Hammer Time

I know, I know, I nag myself but I’ve been busy the past few days and it is not quite Hammer Time yet. Plus, Jennifer’s images were so awesome that I have to raise my game.


Breaking the Ice


In the meantime, as way of an intermission, why not enjoy a little bit of Friday Silliness.

Ross Kemp folded.




If you don’t know who Ross Kemp is, he came to fame on the soap opera Eastenders, went on to do a fair bit of SAS style drama and presented a pretty well loved show on gangs from around the world.

He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and has become something of a cult-hero for his presentation style and fabulously wooden acting.

So what is Ross Kemp folded. It is literally the art of taking pictures of Ross Kemp and folding them in such a way as to create another, wholly different picture of Mr Kemp.

There is some great Graphic Design elements in these ‘folds’. Plus they’re funny as hell.


“If you offer me a job sitting in a Winnebago with make-up girls and free food, I’m probably going to take it.” – Ross Kemp


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