A Weekend Away… off the grid

At The Bar


“Act your old age. Relax — This won’t hurt.”
― Hunter S. Thompson


Dear J & M,

Thank you very much for a most fabulous weekend away,

off the grid,

in the luxurious surroundings,

of the pleasure of your company.


Tables were turned,

in an unexpected manner.

Through a different window we all looked.




timeless and gridless…

you took us out of our daily grind,

and inspired us,

like bubbles in champagne,


freshly brewed coffee,

for two tired souls…

espresso, cappuccino or macchiato?


At times we may seem as though we are,

wanderers in a Milky Way,

floating on the Moon,

lost in the nebulous,

in need of a centre of gravity…


There is nothing more grounding than love,

and your love,

made of earth and sky,

nature and nurture,


and replenished the weary.


“My actions are my only true belongings.”
― Thích Nhất Hạnh


Through the Windows