The Guitar



“And she was not beautiful asleep. Her expression slack and not angelic. The very ordinariness of it so beautiful he felt a yearning to be something more than he was or could be. And as good a player as he was, he knew as he turned on the reel to reel and hugged the Fender once again that nothing he composed would ever be as beautiful as her ordinary sleep.

Watching her he played the music of her sleeping. And by surrendering made something beautiful.”
― Steven R. Boyett



I know,

that’s not just a guitar, it’s a Fender Stratocaster.

It’s our latest muse in our Objectivity challenge.


Ever since I’ve known Stephen,

he’s had this guitar Fender Stratocaster.


It’s a symbol of home, for him,

of being in tune with the passion electric,

which flows through his veins,

into everything he does,

yet he rarely plays with it,

instead he makes soulful music through other electrical outlets.


The instrument through which we express our internal fire,

which strums the chords of our ardent songs,

inspired by the objects of our desire,

can be anything our hands touch,

our fingers speak of the creative inspiration,

that gives voice to our deepest adulation.


“This is the one.” And with that he pulled out a Fender catalogue and pointed to a Stratocaster,”
― Joe Perry



4 thoughts on “The Guitar

  1. I love the line “being in tune with the passion electric,” For me that means dancing. I so enjoy lines of poetry that are specific enough to be held for a moment but abstract enough to be held in the reader’s customized way. You did that here for me.


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