Music fills the halls of SDDP towers

  • I spent my formative years listening to vinyl.

    At the age of eighteen, in 1983, I abandoned vinyl for CD and have spent the last 32 years of my life slowly lowering the quality of my audio experience, from CD’s to MP3’s.

    Until now that is.

    I have finally finished putting together my new vinyl set up and am back to lossless music, warm and wonderful as the artist intended it.

    I am in love with this new setup.

    Suddenly the music returns to life.

    It is rich, subtle, rounded.

    So I thought I’d share my new setup with all our lovely readers.

    To kick off I have the superb Rega RP1 turntable with the performance pack pre-fitted. (I went for the Union Jack limited edition of course.)




    I paired this with the wonderful Rega Brio R amplifier which is, according to What HiFi , an agile, rhythmic and detailed sound. I have to agree with that.




    These impressive Rega devices are pumping their sweet delicious audio out of a pair of Monitor Audio r652 speakers that I have owned for 35 years and still sound as wonderful as they did all those years ago.

    Of course, sometimes I want to listen to music in (relative) silence so for this I have a Little Dot 1+ headphone amplifier and a pair of Grado 325is headphones.

    The Grado headphones aren’t to everyone’s taste as they tend to be rather eccentric in their sound but the Little Dot is the perfect pairing as it is a tube/valve hybrid and it mellows the sound and balances the headphone’s quirks.




    I am so happy with this setup.

    Of course, I am unable to stop tinkering and will no doubt upgrade the Rega at some point, probably resulting in the purchase of an RP6 in the distant future.

    But I can’t praise the RP1 enough. For an entry level deck it is a phenomenal turntable and the Rega Bias 2 cartridge does an admirable job.


    “Music is the strongest form of magic.” – Marilyn Manson


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