The art of Rage Quitting

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    I love playing video games.

    Being transported to new worlds.

    Meeting new characters.

    And chopping off their heads with a massive sword.

    Who doesn’t?

    But I also love to be challenged by games.

    To take on games that seem to have been designed just for me.

    And designed to beat me.

    Take Bloodborne from the developer From Software.




    An amazing game.

    One of the best I have ever played.

    And it beat me, and beat me, then beat me again.

    And I rege quit.

    More times than I care to mention.

    But I returned every time.

    And eventually.

    I beat the game.


    And that was a very satisfying feeling.

    One of the best I have ever had.

    Whilst playing a game.

    That game had me twisting the controller until I thought I would twist it all the way around.

    Like in the photograph.

    That uses computer trickery.

    No controllers were damaged in the making of this post.


    Do not go gentle into that good night but rage, rage against the dying of the light. – Dylan Thomas


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