It’s not Halloween yet.

Is it?

No it isn’t.

But there’s no reason to time stamp the post.

So it’s Halloween?

It will be when someone reads this.

And not when others do.

What does it matter?

It doesn’t.

There is a time in every day for chills.

Terrify yourself once a day.

To keep on your toes.

With a pumpkin.

Eating a pumpkin.

What a hot-head.

With a fiery temper.


Just below the surface.

You’d feel the same way.

If someone scooped out your brains.

And set fire to the void.

If you could feel.

Without a brain.


Tommy Doyle: What about the jack-o-lantern? 

Laurie: After the movie. 

Tommy Doyle: What about my comics? 

Laurie: After the jack-o-lantern. 

Tommy Doyle: What about the boogey man? 

Laurie: There’s no such thing.

– Halloween (1978)