Smoky When Lit

Smoky when lit - pumpkin


“I had a good-talking candle last night in my bedroom. I was very tired but I wanted somebody to be with me, so I lit a candle and listened to its comfortable voice of light until I was asleep.”
― Richard Brautigan


From where do ideas emerge,

is it deep in the labyrinth of the being,

or in the wide open space of the cosmos.


A light turned on in the mind,

a glow in the caverns of feeling,

a spark of primal instinct.


A bolt of lightning from a storm,

glistening flecks upon an ocean,

a wish upon a winking star.


When carving a pumpkin,

it is best to let it carve itself,

the within and without working together.


The fire of inspiration,

needs friction,

everything is smoky when lit.


“I saw thousands of pumpkins last night
come floating in on the tide,
bumping up against the rocks and
rolling up on the beaches;
it must be Halloween in the sea”
― Richard Brautigan



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