Fairy Lights



“To live in joys that once have been,
To put the cold world out of sight,
And deck life’s drear and barren scene
With hues of rainbow-light.”
― Lewis Carroll


I was going to deck the hall,

with these fairy lights.

It’s not something that I normally do…

I wouldn’t call myself a Grinch,

others might…

it’s more a case of if I do this I’ll have to undo it later,

so why do it at all…

but I’m not my normal self at the moment,

which is rather fun,


so I thought,

why not indulge in X-mas excess,

as never before,

and turn the whole house,

into a sparkling palace.


“Dreams are like a magic cloak
Woven by the fairy folk,
Covering from top to toe,
Keeping you from winds and woe.”
― Thomas Pynchon


I plugged them in,

before placing them,

because it’s more amusing that way,

and played with ideas.

While untangling the knotted mess of glimmering bulbs,

I caught a glimpse in a reflective surface,

of the designs these lights make when they move.

Suddenly these sharp sparks,


the next object in our Objectivity challenge,

Fairy Lights,

light the way,

to something quirky,


let’s cheer on the spirit of shiny happy…

merry whateverness!


X-mas tree


6 thoughts on “Fairy Lights

  1. I started typing then erasing and typing then erasing, trying to find something more eloquent to say than “yay!” but that’s really how I felt after I read your post, so ….yay!


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