The Acts of Man

Plastered Hands


“And when the acts of man
Cause the ground to break open
Oh, let me inside, let me inside, not to wait.”

– Midlake, Acts of Man



What is now,

but a fleeting instant,

where the acts of man,

of woman,

of child,

of human,

pass by.

Some stay with us,

others we leave behind.

Some we witness,

some are almost invisible,


perhaps only felt,

a ripple,

a whisper,

a gentle touch.


The Moving Hand


“Let all that run through the fields through the quiet,
Go on with their, own with their own hidden ways”

– Midlake, Acts of Man


We build,



immerse ourselves in the moment.

A present,

a gift,

of time,

to do,



what we can do and who we may be,

when we are going with an inspired flow.


Scale (xtric) model


“If all that grows starts to fade, starts to falter
Oh, let me inside, let me inside, not to wait”

– Midlake, Acts of Man


From our hands,

to yours

we offer our,

best wishes.

Whoever you are,

whatever you do,

thank you,

for being here now.