The Dumbbell



“Suppose I should say to a wrestler, ‘Show me your muscle’.

And he should answer me, ‘See my dumb-bells’.

Your dumb-bells are your own affair; I want to see the effect of them.”
― Epictetus


Have you made any New Year’s resolutions,

created plans for a personal revolution.


Time for a change,

and an exchange,

kick a bad habit out,

replace it with a better one.


Start a new cycle,

after coming full circle,




ready to turn over a new leaf,

switch to the next page in the book of your life.


What are you seeking,

and what will you do to find it.


Drop some pounds,

lift some weights,

breathe in fresh air,

run with the winds of change.


Get on the treadmill,

honing a new daily grind.


“How you act in choosing and refusing, how you manage your desires and aversions, your intentions and purposes, how you meet events — whether you are in harmony with nature’s laws or opposed to them. If in harmony, give me evidence of that, and I will say you are progressing; if the contrary, you may go your way… 

…and what good will it do you?”
― Epictetus


Treading It


The ‘vintage’ dumbbell,

is the next subject,

of our Objectivity challenge.


Welcome to 2016,

the ride to get here was bumpy…

hope the you enjoy your stay!

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