The Watch



“Rahel’s toy wristwatch had the time painted on it. Ten to two. One of her ambitions was to own a watch on which she could change the time whenever she wanted to (which according to her was what Time was meant for in the first place).”
― Arundhati Roy


Do you have the time?


Is one of those questions which can be both vague and precise,

and at times answering it requires

time to think about

what kind of time it is.




What time is it?


Does the person asking,

want to know if the time they have lost is in your possession,

do they think that you are the owner of all of the time in the world,

do they want some of your time for themselves

(even though they are always too busy to give you the time of day when you want a small portion of it, when they need yours you’re not allowed to say no, sorry, I don’t have time.),

or do they simply want to know if you have access to a universal timekeeper,

and if you do could you share the time it keeps with them.


Evolution Board BKGD FINAL


The watch is the final object in our Objectivity challenge,

it’s time to wrap it up,

and turn our hands to something else,

we’ve chosen a watch because

time is of the essence,

and is an essential element

of our work.


AGS00009-C-05 REDUX2015


We’ve had a wonderful time doing this challenge,

and look forward to the next one,

which this time will be about Passions.

We hope you’ll have the time to share your passions with us.


“There are little elements in a person’s life, minor fibers that become unintentionally tangled with our personality. Sometimes it’s a patent phrase, sometimes it’s a perfume, sometimes it’s a wristwatch.”
― Sloane Crosley


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