What time is it?

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    “What time issssss it?”, asked the snake.

    “You have a watch.”, I replied

    “I know but I can’t ssssssee it, on account of it being on my head.”

    “Well this is awkward. Perhaps if you turned a little towards me I might be able to see the dial.”

    “Like thissssss?”

    “A little bit further.”


    “A tiny bit more.”

    “Are you sssssure you can’t see the time from here?”

    “Just a tiny bit more. Please. I have a connection to make.”

    “A connection?”

    “Just, yes, that’s it! Hold it there. Don’t move.”

    “Ssssso, what time is it?”

    “I don’t care. Just let me drag the ball across your head.”

    “Hey!!! Are you playing The Witnessssss?”

    “Might be. Oy! Don’t bite me. At least not until I’ve completed the shape.”


    I think I might have been playing The Witness too much.

    It is an unbelievable game. One of the most beautiful, intelligent and compulsive games I have ever played.

    It makes my eyes smile and my brain hurt.

    Thankfully I have a fellow traveller.

    What? No, not the snake. Jennifer. If anyone’s the snake it’s me.

    Well, I was born in the year of the Snake.


    WITNESS screengrab

    The Witness, a game by Jonathan Blow.


    And that brings us to the end of our Objectivity Challenge. We hope you enjoyed our images and perhaps played along yourself.

    We’ll be starting a new challenge next week based around ‘Passion’.

    Look out for more details and join in.

    We would love to see your images.

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