You Will Never Be The Same Again

Once upon a time,

in a land far away,

a little girl,

woke up,

and she was grumpy

about it.


She clambered out of the strange bed,

in which she had slept,

and tottered out onto a balcony,

barely aware of the view,

rubbing the sleep from her eyes,

perhaps hoping this was all just a dream.


Jennifer - Simbari


As she struggled to absorb,

the bright morning glare,

of a Southern Italian sun,

her father took her picture,

which made her even grumpier

than she had been seconds earlier,

as this was an intrusion,

of a private moment.


“Paradoxically though it may seem, it is none the less true that life imitates art far more than art imitates life.”
― Oscar Wilde


This private moment would go on to become a painting

and this painting would go on to become a print,

the image reproduced,

over and over,

available to all

who wanted to adorn their wall

with the captured image of a grumpy little girl.


Many years later,

in another land far away,

a woman,

of a certain age,

indulged in playful dress up,

messing around,

deliberately capturing herself


as she did so.


Many Years Later


It wasn’t until much later,

that she realised,

she had caught a glimpse of

that grumpy little girl

in the woman she had become.


A passion for art

began for her

long before she knew what they were,

all she wanted to do then was sleep…

she still loves sleep

and still wakes up grumpy.


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