A passion for balance



“Darkness always had its part to play. Without it, how would we know when we walked in the light? It’s only when its ambitions become too grandiose that it must be opposed, disciplined, sometimes—if necessary—brought down for a time. Then it will rise again, as it must.” – Clive Barker


I have a passion for Darkness

I embrace it

But one cannot appreciate darkness

Without light

For what is Darkness?

If not the absence of light

And a passion for darkness

Requires a passion for light.


Like a man dancing up the tree

Or unbalanced

Like the tree itself

Leaningclose to the house


Blocking out the light

Now gone

To release the sun

And provide wood

For the fire

That brings warmth

and light.

Shadows that dance

Bringing the darkness to life






“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.” – Anne Frank


NB. I swear the face in the fire is un-photoshopped. Perhaps a wood sprite giving us his blessing. Or a dark spirit born from the wood’s sacrifice.