A Passion for… Detail

Detail - Tea Time


“There is not a particle of life which does not bear poetry within it”
― Gustave Flaubert


As I sit here,

in a chair,

at a desk,

typing on a computer keyboard,

I wear the details of the house in which I live.

Upon my clothes are tiny flecks and specks,

which when disturbed by a movement,

fluttered through the air,

dancing in beams of sunlight

filtering through windows,

and landed,

caught in the ripples of material woven together,

of the cloth of clothes,

over my skin,

and stayed there.


Detail - the Library


I’ve been doing some DIY,

so pieces of my home are everywhere,

this place is a mess,

waiting to be tidied,


and decorated.

But how shall that process unfurl?


Detail - the Staircase


As I pondered this quandary,

the mind ever shifting the details of it,

moving things around,

trying ideas out,

prepping on the walls within before applying to the exterior

anything at all,

almost afraid to do it,

as reality has a way of disappointing fantasy,

I was reminded of a place I once visited

(seen in the photos taken with an I-phone).


Detail - the Bar


It was a grand mansion,

nothing at all like my abode,

and yet,

isn’t every man and woman’s home

their castle,

a palace of their dreams,

in one form or another.

As I work on my own home,

it has given me a greater appreciation for

the unsung heroes of detail,

who fill our world with rooms,

of inspiring splendour.


Detail - Drawing Room


The country house in these photos,

was once someone’s home,

now it is a hotel,

staged to still feel like a home,

so that when you visit or stay there,

you can imagine,

whatever you wish,

such as that for a moment,

this is all yours,

you are the lord or lady of the manor.


Detail - the house and garden


I’m relieved that this place isn’t mine,

but it was an immense pleasure,

and a delightful indulgence to be there,

enjoying the fine results,

of someone else’s

passion for detail.


“An infinity of passion can be contained in one minute, like a crowd in a small space.”
― Gustave Flaubert