Below and Above

Summerhouse Butterfly


“Behind your image, below your words, above your thoughts, the silence of another world waits.”
― John O’Donohue


While surveying the damage caused by a tree,

felled by a storm,

I noticed that a butterfly had awoken,

from its hibernating slumber,

within the summerhouse.


Distracted by its beauty,

I forgot about the disorder of destruction,

and focused upon the order of creation.


It was resting upon a window,

and I took the opportunity to photograph it,

from below and outside,

then from above and inside,

before releasing it.

(I do hope that it wanted to be released)


This is the contrasting result,

of those two perspectives,

of one being.



7 thoughts on “Below and Above

  1. WOW!! That’s exactly what I’m talking about!!! My Dad would tell me there are as many perspectives as there are people to see them!!! It’s the core of the therapy I did for 40 years!!!

    I loved this post! Thank you so much.

    I’ve never “re-blogged”. Does that mean “share with others”?? How do I do it cuz this is so great I’d love to share it!


    • Thank you very much!

      When you reblog, an excerpt of the post you’re reblogging appears on your blog with a link back to the original post. You can add text to your reblog which will appear above the reblogged post like an intro on your blog – that text will appear as a comment on the original post.

      There is more than one way to reblog. You can do it from your Reader, or if you’ve ‘Liked’ the post you can do it from your ‘My Likes’ section of your reader, using the ‘Share’ feature next to ‘Comments’ and ‘Likes’.

      The simplest is way to do it (IMO) is to use the REBLOG button next to the LIKE button at the bottom of the post.

      You can edit the reblog – add tags, category, etc – in your blog editor.

      This is a WordPress Support explanation of it – – they’re always tweaking the format and the reblog button changed awhile ago so if you search for – How to Reblog on WordPress – it may refer to the old way of doing it.

      The best way to learn how to do something on WordPress is to just give it a go 🙂

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