Road Runner


“I’ve been chasing this damn bird for twenty years, and I’m not really trained for anything else. I guess I kind of let my life get away from me.”

– Wile E. Coyote


Having a dream

is a fundamental of life.

That dream

is the inspiration

which gives shape to what we do

who we become.

It is a passionate part of who we are.


Chasing that dream

with the goal

and hope

of making it real

can be

a lifelong pursuit.



what happens when you catch it?


Is the fun

contained within the dreaming

and the chasing of the dream

or in the achieving of the dream

the catching

of the bird

we’ve been pursuing


for all of our lives.


What happens when we get everything we ever wanted

and can finally take a break

a breath

and feast on the fruits of our labour.

Is the play over

or just beginning?


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