Inherit the Rose

Inherit the Rose


“In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”
― Eric Hoffer


You can play the game

of life

by the numbers

as others have played it before you

doing as they did

because things work that way

so they say


you can play it your way

passionately favouring your colourful style

dealing your own hand

doing things

in your own order


you can play the joker

the adventure card

let life playfully

steer you

wherever it may.


There will always be things to learn



the rose will always have

thorns and shadows

and beautiful blooms

which explode unexpectedly

showering you with their petals.

6 thoughts on “Inherit the Rose

    • Thank you 🙂

      I’m a tangential thinker (apparently this is sometimes considered a disorder), which means that some of my connections can be tenuous and may only make sense to me. On the flip side this makes me rather adept at finding connections between disparate things.

      I tend to think outside of the box – sometimes I think too far out of the box.

      I think some of this comes from observing my father at work. He was an artist, a painter, and I saw the behind the scenes. I also saw what became of his creations, the business side of the creative, how others saw them and labeled, boxed them for ‘the public’, for ‘sale’. It was something which often frustrated him. His work was mainly abstract but he regularly got called an impressionist because when viewed from a distance his slashes on canvas created a distinct image and people didn’t necessarily look beyond that first impression.

      The longer we look at something, a painting, a photograph, a stick insect, the more we see. It’s not just about the subject, it’s about everything around it, what it symbolises, and how that is perceived.

      What makes us look at something, what does that something stir within. What happens when we look at it again from a different perspective?


  1. You found it! Thanks. I did love re-reading this. Sounds like our fathers were important teachers for each of us….especially in how we each look at the world. I love learning more about yours.

    Hooray for outside that dang box…the farther the better for my taste!

    Thanks for your thoughtful response.


    • Those who were there when we were babes in arms, we absorbed what they emanated and it becomes a part of us – it’s always intriguing to catch sight of them in ourselves, and then see what we did with what they imparted to us.

      Thank you!


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