The Reverse Selfie

What is a reverse selfie?


what it’s not is

that shot you take

on your phone

when you accidentally

press the flip function

at the same moment as the ‘take photo’ function

and end up with

a pic of yourself


scares you

into pressing

the delete function


social anxiety selfie


the pic above

is a selfie of

my social anxiety


“I swear that I will never cause trouble for anybody, as long as I live!! So please! Nobody cause any trouble for me, either!!”
― Minoru Furuya


A reverse selfie is

a picture

you take

for your own pleasure

which reveals something about you

yet does not

contain you in it

like the one below

which I took

while out

at a local fete


smurf tractor


I do not

and have never


the Smurfs

not sure why

just don’t

but I loved this one

perhaps it was the crystal nose drip

enough to take

more shots of it

than I took of anything else at the fete

and there were lots of interesting people and things there

the photo below is also

of a subject which had multiple shots taken of it

on the same trip


Ye Olde Communication


Both of these

are reverse selfies for me

a concept

which I came across

while reading an article

about the psychology

of photography

and what the subjects we focus upon

with our camera

reveal about us

so what do these reveal about me?

I seem to like the colour red

old machines


things that look as distressed as I feel.

Please share your views

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