Posteriority Issues



“A mismatched outfit, a slightly defective denture, an exquisite mediocrity of the soul-those are the details that make a woman real, alive. The women you see on posters or in fashion magazines-the ones all the women try to imitate nowadays – how can they be attractive? They have no reality of their own; they’re just the sum of a set of abstract rules. They aren’t born of human bodies; they hatch ready-made from the computers.”
― Milan Kundera


What I asked you to do was


take a photograph of my hands

not my bottom

or the rest of me

what I had in mind



what you had in mind

when I allowed your mind

to take over

from mine

when I let your hands

take over

from mine

the vision I had



the vision you had


I really should have known better

by now

than to ask you

to capture

what I was seeing


even I seldom manage

to capture

the vision I had

for something

for me


life is not

about one


it’s about

double vision

the vision of many

all of whom want to control

what others see

who want others to see

what they see

which isn’t always

what is actually there

the lasting impression

which we make and leave


isn’t always

the one intended


“Guys have feelings too. But like…who cares? -Inspirational poster”
― Darynda Jones


hands together

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