The Shadow of a Wish

Look up and wish


“The pendulum of the mind oscillates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong.”
― C.G. Jung


Does it make sense

to make wishes


the seeds of a flower

(or a weed)

perhaps it does for the flower

(or weed)

for the breath of

our wishes

spread its seeds

perhaps it does for us too

as the process of wishing

makes us focus


the journey we want to be taking

which may differ from

the one that we’re on

and our wish may

bring that to our attention


The best piece of advice I have ever received

as far as wishing

(and such nonsense)



that old warning


Be Careful For What You Wish

but all those who advisedly warned

failed to add

why I should be careful…

perhaps because

that was for me to find out

(by looking it up online)


“May you get what you want

and want what you get”

― Gypsy curse


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