The Fears of a Clown

Monkeying around


“Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not.”
― Arctic Monkeys


Have you ever



discussing you

painting a portrait

of who you are


the person they perceive you

as being

isn’t how you see yourself at all

Are they mistaken

about who you are

or are you

the one who is wrong about you

or are both you and others wrong

or are you all right

We all have many facets

to the diamonds that we are

one of mine is a monkey

who loves to monkey around


my idea of fun


go awry

be misunderstood

my jokes fall flat

leaving me to die on stage

and I fall from my tree

hitting hard ground below

obsessing over

what I should not have said

what I should have said instead

should not have done

should have done instead


inappropriate behaviour

and its appropriate reflection

shedding smiles for tears

but not for long

for those born in Monkey years

have laughter in the blood