Capturing the Introvert being an Extrovert



“Perhaps it is indeed time I began to look at this whole matter of bantering more enthusiastically. After all, when one thinks about it, it is not such a foolish thing to indulge in – particularly if it is the case that in bantering lies the key to human warmth.”
― Kazuo Ishiguro, The Remains of the Day


 Both Stephen and I


what is commonly classified by society



we prefer the term


as other introverts often seem extroverted to us

however there are occasions


if you could glimpse us

in our intimate moments

capture the elusive moment when

we allow ourselves to be seen


in all our period drama

you might think we’re extroverts

of the most bantering

and loud variety

loving the artistic flourishes

of human interaction

there is a

magical fire

which burns


even the most



of an individual

a thunder

a lightning

a hailstorm

a thrill

it’s not always obvious

but really

the obvious…

isn’t always as it seems.


“What do you think dignity’s all about?’

The directness of the inquiry did, I admit, take me rather by surprise. ‘It’s rather a hard thing to explain in a few words, sir,’ I said. ‘But I suspect it comes down to not removing one’s clothing in public.”
― Kazuo Ishiguro, The Remains of the Day


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