There for the Noticing



What is this photo all about?

It’s a note to self

an idea

one I didn’t want to forget

thus I wrote it down

on a bright pink post-it

and stuck in on the wall

by my desk

where I was sure to see it

and see it I did

for months

I still see it

but I no longer look at it

notice it

until I moved it

a few days ago

as I wanted to hang a picture on the wall

which I shall probably no longer notice

after a few weeks

where it once was stuck

in a crowd of other notes of similar or different colours

all saying something

I can barely hear

but which once I listened to

But what does it mean?

Do I recall what it once meant


simply put

in life we go through a lot of ideas

many of which get rejected

for one reason or another

sometimes by us

sometimes by others

what happens to those ideas

once they’re rejected

like the post-it note

they’re there

but not really there

there for the noticing

and I wanted to remind myself

to review what had been rejected

and maybe have a reconciliation

like reuniting with a friend

who had become an enemy

and finding that there’s a friend there again

perhaps a better friend

due to the experience of traveling through troubled waters

separately yet together


“We live in a world where joy and empathy and pleasure are all around us, there for the noticing.”
― Ira Glass


2 thoughts on “There for the Noticing

    • Yes, there are quite a few success stories involving old ideas which have simply been tweaked, given a modern spin. There’s always hesitation in the creative world to use what others have already thought of, and a temptation to find something which no one has ever thought of, to be a pioneer. However genuinely new ideas are hard to have, if you do your research most ideas which seem completely new are probably not new at all, and genuinely new ideas are hard to sell because people are suspicious of them, their minds aren’t comfortable with them and may shut them out preferring what is familiar, however a not so new idea which has been refreshed to appear new is easier to sell, people are familiar with it and welcome it.

      Recently I saw a quote which said – Don’t sell the product, sell the solution to a problem.

      Sometimes what creative people reject is exactly what the world wants and needs. It’s a gamble either way.

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