Was Pandora Framed?



At this time of year

we pause to reflect

upon what has passed

us by


what we have surpassed

upon reflection

we may glimpse

our karma motif

the design of our lives

those curves and lines

which shape

our experience

and may shape who we are

whether that is who we want to be

or not


“I never gave away anything without wishing I had kept it; nor kept anything without wishing I had given it away.”
― Louise Brooks


they say we should turn our passions into our career

make our dreams work for us

or work for our dreams

seems like good advice

and many people turn their passion for

giving others advice

into a full time job

telling others

how to live

how to behave

who to be

who to eliminate from your life if you want to hang out with the elite

of your choice and choosing

what to eat

what to wear

where to go


where you should be by now if you’d followed their precise advice


“I have been taking stock of my 50 years since I left Wichita in 1922 at the age of 15 to become a dancer with Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn. How I have existed fills me with horror. For I have failed in everything — spelling, arithmetic, riding, tennis, golf; dancing, singing, acting; wife, mistress, whore, friend. Even cooking.

And I do not excuse myself with the usual escape of ‘not trying.’ I tried with all my heart.”
― Louise Brooks


 There are times

like now

when you realise how many voices

are telling you

many things about yourself

including your own

if you can hear it above the din of others

but are these things true

or fake news

hard to tell sometimes


“And so I have remained, in relentless pursuit of truth and excellence, an unforgiving executioner of the bogus, an abomination to all but those few people who have overcome their aversion to truth in order to free whatever is good in them.”
― Louise Brooks


Lately I’ve found myself

hearing the sound

of a distant


from the past

while browsing

this and that

it speaks to me

through the creations of others

calling for me

to open a box

in which I placed all the things

I left behind

long ago

the gift which Stephen gave me for Christmas

captured this

strange phenomena


for me




 maybe it’s time to


my personal

Pandora’s box.

What about you?

9 thoughts on “Was Pandora Framed?

  1. I love a good personal resolution…as long as there is no internal demand for perfection.

    That is simply a recipe for failure.

    What a great christmas gift!

    I look forward to the new year and more posts from you. Maybe you’ll share what you find upon re-opening!

    And, I think maybe she was!!!


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