Paper or Cotton?



The other day

Stephen and I

celebrated a wedding anniversary

and like

many of those

who do that kind of thing

I looked up online

to see what

by traditional and modern standards

was the appropriate gift to give

for such an occasion

the answer was

china or platinum

I’m fairly certain they did not mean

give your loved one

the entire country of China

for the former

and even if they did

that was not going to happen

where would we put it?

I’ve looked at this list 20 times before

while wondering whether to mark the event with a gift


none of it seemed interesting



not as an anniversary gift guide

but as a prompt

for blogging

I’m starting with the 1st year anniversary options

paper or cotton

(I decided to ignore the modern option)


progress from there

interpreting them

however and wherever


takes me

if you’d like to join in

however and wherever

inspiration takes you

here is

a screengrab of part of the list

via Wikipedia




Paper or cotton

reminds me

of my father’s options

as an artist


turning his paintings

into prints

he went with cotton rag

and the way it absorbed the inks


a beautiful process

and result

to behold

both paper and cotton


remarkable textures

with fibres







can hold magic

within them


“A librarian remembers the particular scent of glue and dust, and if we’re so lucky—and I was—the smell of parchment, a quiet tanginess, softer than wood pulp or cotton rag. We would bury ourselves in books until flesh and paper became one and ink and blood at last ran together.”
― Erika Swyler


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