The Perfect Gift



The book pictured above


The Perfect Hostess by Rose Henniker Heaton


was given to us

by my aunt

whose father

Alfred E. Taylor

illustrated it

it is a humorous guide

for women

who are entering into married life

and may have that curious ambition

and aesthetic

known as

wanting to be the perfect wife

my aunt

felt that it was

the perfect gift


donate to the newly engaged couple

that we were

shortly afterwards

when we tied the knot which binds

she gave us a beautiful bowl

which did not survive the years

of our marriage

as the book has done

some things last

while others pass

like years…

on your fifth year

Happy Anniversary

the traditional gift

you’re supposed to offer

your significant other



which is

one of

the greatest substances in the world

soft and hard

flexible and inflexible

able to change form

and provide your marital home

with many wonderful things

like furniture

cooking utensils

a fire on the hearth

the structure which keeps a roof over your head

the flooring beneath your pattering feet



also known as

the greatest adventures in the world

held in your hands

as you sit in a rocking chair

in the kitchen

by the fire

waiting for your biscuits to burn