Finding Your Colour Palette


There are times when we find in nature a colour scheme which we’d like to replicate

for an interior,

for a product design,

for an art project,

or perhaps for a blog


colour palette via Adobe Color CC


and while it appears as though this should be easy,

and in theory it is,

you’ve seen the colour you want,

you know it exists,



in practice

it can sometimes cause technical difficulties.


colour palette via Adobe Color CC


The green we see in a blade of grass or a leaf isn’t just one shade of green,

it has multiple greens,

and it may also have shades of yellow, orange, blue, and so on,

and they vary depending on the light of day,

so how do you narrow in on and down the colours which appeal to you

and replicate what captured your eye?

Thankfully there are plenty of tools available to pick your colours

using an image of your desire.




One of my favourite,

online and free,

colour palette tools is

the Adobe Color CC

it is easy to use,

comes with many options (which you can ignore is you want just what you want),

you can upload a photograph simply and it will automatically give you a palette for that image,

there is an easy to use menu which give you choices,

including a custom one so you can hone in on the particular shades which make your heart go boom and your eyes say yum!


colour palette via Adobe Color CC


Enjoy your greens!


“My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.”

― John Green


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