Loves or Loves Not


Think of something or someone you love

why do you love it or them

is it because they fit into a well-ordered system

meet your criteria for something or someone to be loved

tick all the boxes on your list

make you feel good about yourself

make you feel safe







do you love it or them because

they are outside of the box

an outlier

something or someone that defies the well-ordered system

which laughs at all criteria

lists of do’s and don’t’s

in an inspiring rebellious free-spirited manner

that offers creative chaos




think of something or someone you don’t love

why do you not love it or them

is it because they challenge your well-ordered system

the way you would like to challenge it

inviting you to take a step beyond your comfort zone

which you long to do

but fear the consequences of doing so


“The outflowing of self-assertion can seem, indeed, to be immensely affirmative. But from the standpoint of the soul which has reached this crucial turning-point, its affirmations are seen to be negations of an altogether deeper and more comprehensive order of being.”

Hugh I’Anson Fausset, The Flame and the Light


There’s a fine line between




where two sides of a whole

crash into each other

causing sparks of friction



to life’s palette


colour palette via Adobe Color CC


 if there’s one thing I’m sure about

it’s that I’m never sure about anything or anyone


that is where

creation begins


often ends



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