What the Eye Can’t See


When you look at an image

your eye scans all the data available

absorbing a vast amount of information

which it passes on to your brain

which then uses personal filters to relay

what is relevant to your

conscious mind

in the moment

in case of fire


is the most relevant detail

and when viewing images of fire

the flames will be the first thing you will notice

as we’re hard-wired for spotting danger

even if it’s just a photograph on the internet

and we know we’re safe from those flames

survival skills are always on the qui vive

which is why we often only see certain things much later on

after the moment

when we review in our mind’s eye

something we saw or experienced earlier

or look again at an image



and why we may miss something that is obvious

and wonder why we were blind to it before

when we return to something after a pause

after we have processed what was originally consciously relevant

we can see beyond our first impression

taking in the sights and details

that we once dismissed

focusing on what was once a blur

and perhaps blurring out what was once our focal point


“When the mind is exhausted of images, it invents its own.”
― Gary Snyder


What is the first thing you saw in this image, and what is the last?

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