At a Touch


At a touch

you can know

more about a person

than all the words


will ever tell you

a friend

will feel different

from a foe

against our skin

 some people are silk

others are wool

some are sandpaper

others are quicksand

there are the electrics

the fluids

the sticky

the rough

the soothers

the bruisers

the sensitive

and the surprise

of a hand in the dark finding light it can’t see but can feel

the moment fingertips meet

what is experienced

by touch

can leave a lasting impression

or no trace at all


“At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.”
― Plato


9 thoughts on “At a Touch

  1. Oh my gosh, I love this!!! So much of my life’s work has been teaching about TOUCH!! I am a professional childbirth attendant (with more than 250 births under my belt) and a psychotherapist who has fought against my state’s rulings that therapists cannot hug or touch clients. What? How incomplete is healing from trauma without touch? I also reviewed a book called “Untouched” about how many of our connections and relationships these days have no actual physical contact in them, only electronic connections.

    You have really captured something here with your photo and lovely words!! Thank you!


    • Thank you very much!

      Wow! That’s a lot babies you’ve welcomed into this world!

      Years ago I went to a new age workshop where in one exercise we were asked to face the person next to us and hold their hands. The moment I touched this stranger’s hands I felt physically heavy, tired and drained of energy, when I told him of my impression he explained that he’d come to the workshop after a strenuous workout at the gym. That was one of the first vivid and memorable experiences which made me notice how much a touch can tell you about another person.

      Touch is a ‘touchy’ issue. These days we’re very conscious of inappropriate touching and the harm that it can do, and those who violate boundaries, disrespect the physical space of others and abuse their positions. Unfortunately the many good therapists like yourself get penalised due to the few bad therapists and the trauma they cause which turns touch into a bad thing that gets banned.

      Like with many official rulings designed to protect us, that which protects can end up also harming.


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