The Scent of Something Different


I have to confess


figuring out what would be unusual for me

in any way at all

has been a difficult task

one which

I have enjoyed immensely

as it has made me look

at my photographs

and myself


a new perspective

which is something that is

a usual pursuit

and favourite pastime

there is nothing my nose likes better


to catch the scent of something different

and bury itself in that fragrance

experiencing an exotic infusion of

sensations mysterious

soon to be known


“As we all know, time sometimes flies like a bird, and sometimes
crawls like a worm, but people may be unusually happy when they do not
even notice whether time has passed quickly or slowly”
― Ivan Turgenev


This picture is one I took randomly on my phone

while on a trip

it’s not a usual subject for me

to make the effort to capture


although it is beautiful

it lacks what I tend to seek

why did I take it?

I do not know anymore


perhaps I should seek

and see more

of that which I do not usually look for.




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