There are moments in life

when one sentence

uttered without aforethought

can sum you up

far better than

all the well thought out descriptions you’ve ever created for yourself previously

this happened to me not too long ago

I walked into a room and stated

“I almost bought this…”

and before I could name what it was I had almost acquired

Stephen interrupted to inform me that

“That could be the title of your autobiography!”

while I could have been angry

for a variety of reasons

and embarked on a crusade spurred on by this variety of reasons led anger

instead it occurred to me that

he was right

and it almost made me wish that I was writing an autobiography

just to use that title

as it is a correct description of


I am always almost buying things

and take quite some pride in not buying them

particularly when I truly desire them

there are rare times when

I do buy something

simply because I desire it

and the figurine in the image above

represents one of those instances when

I satisfied

a passing desire

and promptly

(and pretentiously perhaps)

named him

Desideratus Erasmus…

(even though whoever had placed him in the antiques arcade seemed to think he was Shakespeare…

not everything is Shakespeare)


“A constant element of enjoyment must be mingled with our studies, so that we think of learning as a game rather than a form of drudgery, for no activity can be continued for long if it does not to some extent afford pleasure to the participant.”

Letter to Christian Northoff (1497), as translated in Collected Works of Erasmus



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