A Momentary Refraction


There are times when

I think

I am  more of a cat than my cat

(and my cat is more of a human than its human)

for the moment I see sunlight

it is all I see

and I rush to capture it

basking in its fascination



watching its rays



create stories upon the surfaces it hits

turning everything to gold

glittering with the stuff of which we are all made



To answer the question – What is guaranteed to distract you?

is not easy

as being distrait is my status quo

which has caused my lifelong ambition

to be focused

to be able to concentrate without interrupting myself

but the corner of my eye is always busy spotting something

my body is a Fidgety Philip

and my mind is a prospector’s pan



The only time I am still


during a moment of refraction


“Keats mourned that the rainbow, which as a boy had been for him a magic thing, had lost its glory because the physicists had found it resulted merely from the refraction of the sunlight by the raindrops. Yet knowledge of its causation could not spoil the rainbow for me. I am sure that it is not given to man to be omniscient. There will always be something left to know, something to excite the imagination of the poet and those attuned to the great world in which they live.”

― Robert Frost


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