Mastering the Art of Passing Time


It can appear as though

much of life

is about

mastering the art of


we wait to be born

and after birth we must wait for everything to be done for us

wait to be fed

wait to be changed

wait to have our cries answered

wait to learn how to do things for ourselves

wait to walk

wait to talk

wait to grow up


once grown up

we wait some more

for opportunities

for attention

for success

for love

for that moment when we will

get everything we’ve waited for

and be able to do everything we’ve put on hold

and during all the waiting we learn to pass the time

filling the spaces between the tick and the tock

with our imagination

our creativity

our dreams of what will come once time has passed


“Vladimir: What do we do now?
Estragon: Wait.
Vladimir: Yes, but while waiting.”
― Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot


Some of the best moments of my life

have occurred

while waiting


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