The Passenger’s Side


If there was a window

through which you could view

images from the past

seen through the lens of your eyes

many of those

would be of me watching the world go by as I go by



as a passenger

riding shotgun

which these days involves shooting

vignettes of local country life

with a camera, of course

for Steve’s project



yesterday’s drive was a mostly wet

warm Autumn day

but there were the occasional burn holes in the clouds

exposing the cerulean skies

and through which the sun lit up the land below

accentuating greens and yellows vibrantly



on the home stretch

the rain returned

cloaking everything in drama

the wind picked up

carrying the strong stench of manure

which the tractor we briefly got stuck behind

(the local farmers will pull over when they can to let drivers pass)

was transporting to a field nearby

to feed the fields which eventually feed us


“I am a passenger
I stay under glass
I look through my window so bright”

― Iggy Pop, The Passenger



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