The Message on the Bottle


When you go shopping

do you find your eyes

straining and squinting

to read the message on the bottle

the instructions on the product

the ingredients on the tasty looking treat which may or may not be good to eat

do you ever feel as though you’re a secret agent trying to decipher a code

or find a minuscule microchip cloaked by one pixel of an image

the scale of the writing

on the walls of packaging

is getting smaller

to fit in everything a company

wants to say about their creation to sell it to you

and legally must inform you about


“I need someone to protect me from all the measures they take in order to protect me. ”
― Banksy


it may seem pedestrian to be told not to drink shampoo


every time someone sues a corporation

complains to a government body

gets the authorities involved

the powers that be add more rules

more warnings

which adds more text

and symbols

which can hamper design

makes one have to wear reading glasses at all times while out and about

and wish for simpler times when we foraged in the woods and had to figure out for ourselves what something was

it is for our own benefit

it can save lives

and it does regulate those who might poison us by accident or on purpose for profit

honest people sometimes have to pay the price of the actions and consequences of fraudsters

and I guess it also works as a brain training exercise.


Have you been affected by tiny writing, and does this make you less adventurous when shopping, less prone to trying something new because you have to work too hard to find out what it is and if it’s good for you?

What’s your favourite product and why?


2 thoughts on “The Message on the Bottle

  1. First, love your choice of photo for the week – superb! Second, my personal pet peeve is when you need service on something and they ask for the serial number of the product. Could they POSSIBLY make that number any smaller???? Magnifying glass and flashlight in hand, with serious effort I can usually make it out. maybe they’re trying to get us to give up and just buy a new one – don’t you think?!


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