A Nice Cup of Tea


What time is it?

It’s time to wake up

but the sun isn’t up yet

It’s autumn

It’s wet

It’s windy

It’s time to rake the leaves

It’s getting darker earlier

It’s time to turn the clock back

It’s halloween

It’s dia de los muertos

It’s bonfire night

It’s cold

It’s winter

It’s the end of the year

and what a year it has been

It’s time to round off the day

with a nice cup of tea

hands cupping cup



It’s time to sleep


β€œIn Britain, a cup of tea is the answer to every problem.
Fallen off your bicycle? Nice cup of tea.
Your house has been destroyed by a meteorite? Nice cup of tea and a biscuit.
Your entire family has been eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex that has travelled through a space/time portal? Nice cup of tea and a piece of cake. Possibly a savoury option would be welcome here too, for example a Scotch egg or a sausage roll.”
― David Walliams, Mr Stink



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