Off White


That moment when a bare branch

is no longer a bare branch

when what appeared dried up and dead

explodes into life

a natural firework



the new



can easily be missed

almost as though nature waits for us to look away

to lose patience

to let go

of a cherished experience

and then it gives us what we were waiting for

but we’re not there to receive it

not in that moment

but maybe in the next

with surprise

with delight

with awe

and around we go again


β€œIt was a something found that had long been sought for by a thousand restless yearnings and vague desires, less of the heart than mind; not as when youth discovers the one to be beloved, but rather as when the student, long wandering after the clew to some truth in science, sees it glimmer dimly before him, to beckon, to recede, to allure, and to wane again.”
― Edward Bulwer-Lytton


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