The Bearded Lady


The creative process involves

a certain amount of tension, stress, and danger…

which is more palpable when observed in nature

the image above is a close up of the grand opening of a bearded iris

but before the grand opening…

a seed had to be planted and succeed in its planting

then the conditions had to be just right for the seedling to grow

even if all of its terms and conditions for growth were met

any number of challenges would need to be faced for it to achieve its full potential

and climax in flowering

an insect might attack it

the weather might suddenly change

a human could happen

luckily for the plant featured in this post

the human was injured in a manner which made them unable to mess with the garden

so all they could do was observe

(and then, like a paparazzo, stick a camera in the star’s face).


“He who jumps into the void owes no explanation to those who stand and watch.”
― Jean-Luc Godard



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