“The original idea of the web was that it should be a collaborative space where you can communicate through sharing information.” ― Tim Berners-Lee


We realise that this is the internet – a wonderful invention which has changed the lives of those on this planet. We’re all connected and are free to share with each other in a way which is amazing, especially from a creative standpoint.

Freedom of information and expression is valuable.

However respect is also much valued.

Unless otherwise stated, all images and material on this blog is Copyright (c)
All Rights Reserved and is protected by copyright and distributed under licenses restricting copying, distribution and decompilation.

Feel free to share anything on our blog, but please be respectful. Attribution, giving credit where credit is due, is all we appreciatively request.

We intend to share the work of others whom we admire and who inspire us on this blog. Attribution, credit, links to source will be provided.

If we use your work on our blog and you would like us to remove it, please contact us and we will do our best to honour your request.

Thank you very much for sharing!

Please share your views

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