Don’t Drink and Draw

CARmikel's Eye


“Draw a crazy picture,
Write a nutty poem,
Sing a mumble-gumble song,
Whistle through your comb.
― Shel Silverstein


I had no idea what I was going to do with the toy car,

other than drive it around with my fingers,

making vroom vroom sounds,

as indulged in the fine art of procrastination,

avoiding the task at hand.

But then Mister Carmikel showed up,

and gave me the benefit of his,

bloodshot-eyed view,

of the matter.


Mister Carmikel started his sketchy existence,

as a scribble,

which was endeavouring to express,

what a drainage field for a septic tank should look like.

I had had a drink of red wine before picking up pen,

and applying it to paper…

and drawing out such a plan,

ended up giving birth to a character,

who is now my new best friend in the whole world (*hic).


“Do a loony-goony dance
‘Cross the kitchen floor,
Put something silly in the world
That ain’t been there before.”
― Shel Silverstein

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