By the Light of the Silvery Skull

Skull light


“This sentence is made of sunlight and plums. This sentence is made of ice. This sentence is made from the blood of the poet. This sentence was made in Japan. This sentence glows in the dark.”

― Tom Robbins

S is for Sunlight

S is for scattered,


of mind,


and soul.

I love the Sun,

who doesn’t,

without it,

where would we be.

I love photographing sunlight,

in sunlight,

watching its brilliance,


observing its shadows,


weaving stories,

creating glories,

turning stone into diamond,

lead into gold,

alchemical master,

of old.

Even the light of the silvery Moon,

is sunlight,


glorious shine,

prismatic charm,

lord of the rainbow,


all that we see

what would we see,

if sunlight ceased to be.

It penetrates,


the world within the skull.

 “I feel overwhelmed by the information of sunlight…”
― Douglas Coupland


After the Explosion

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