A Passion for… Darkness



“Our senses are fairies who work the miracle of changing that movement into noise, and by that metamorphosis give birth to music, which makes the mute agitation of nature a harmony.”
― Guy de Maupassant


Before I knew light,

I knew darkness.

Before I could see,

I saw nothing.

Before I could feel

the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end,

I was hairless.

Before I could sense

I was senseless.


Bob - Blow


Ah! If we had other senses which would work other miracles for us, how many more things would we not discover around us!”
― Guy de Maupassant


Before I could be born,

two beings had to come together,

merging as one,

to give life to a third.

The two beings who created me,

were as different from each other,

as night and day,

perhaps that was the attraction,

and the spur to make a bridge between them.


Plastered Hands


“If other beings besides us exist on Earth, why didn’t we meet them a long time ago?”
― Guy de Maupassant


This bridge

is one that loves both light and dark,

but the darkness feels


more familiar,

more welcoming,

to the senses

which makes us feel

separate from others.


Angel by Torchlight


“How fathomless the mystery of the Unseen is!”
― Guy de Maupassant


There is nothing like the darkness

to make you feel alone,

surrounded by

that which touches but can’t be touched,

that which speaks but can’t be spoken,

that which tastes of something that can’t be tasted,

that which can’t be seen but is not invisible,

that which has a scent that no other can smell

that which is elusive yet there

relying on


to make sense of what does not make sense

to the mind,

but does make sense elsewhere.


 “We cannot plumb its depths with our feeble senses – with eyes which cannot see the infinitely small or the infinitely great, nor anything too close or too distant, such as the beings who live on a star or the creatures which live in a drop of water… “

― Guy de Maupassant


Chili dude


I have a passion for… darkness,

for it allows me to appreciate the light.

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        • We’ve both agreed to stick to our parts of the house and not intrude on each other any more than necessary. I’m hoping this bat likes to eat mosquitoes because from what I understand this place (I’ve only just moved here) is a mosquito haven in warmer weather. This might be the beginning of a great friendship 😉

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